Nameplate Jewelry Origins

Before the "Carrie" necklace was famously aired on the show "Sex and The City" in the early 2000s. The nameplate necklace was a widely popular piece of jewelry staple worn by the urban community in the 80s and 90s during Hip-Hop's early years. The nameplate also wasn't strictly limited to be worn on the neck either; nameplate designs could be placed on small pinky rings (or even span all four fingers), giant hoop earrings or tiny studs to sit on the earlobe, or even a belt buckle just to name a few. Canal street was one of the main destinations to acquire these personalized pieces and Popular Jewelry being its resident since 1988, has been no stranger to these designs. Popular Jewelry offers over thousands of combinations fonts, designs and finishes all uniquely tailored to the desires of our clients. Below you will see a few photos of examples of designs we have done out of the millions of pieces we have handcrafted over the 30 years we have been making them. 

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