Silver Cleaner Solution

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Silver Cleaner Solution

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Each jar contains:

  • 8 oz (237 mL) of silver cleaner (acidified thiourea solution)
  • 1 x dipping basket tool


  1. Unscrew the cap carefully as to avoid splashing.
  2. Retrieve the basket tool from the jar and layer the pieces you wish to clean on top.
  3. Lower the basket tool into the solution, ensuring the silver jewelry is fully submerged in the cleaner.
  4. Wait 10-20 seconds, depending on how soiled/tarnished the jewelry is.
  5. Lift the basket and allow excess cleaner to drain back into the jar.
  6. Rinse the silver jewelry with water.


  • Acidified thiourea is highly corrosive and will damage jewelry that is left inside for too long.
  • Acidified thiourea is a known carcinogen.

*Further instructions included on jar.

  • Product Care
General Care
Given that all fine jewelry metals are soft and malleable, it follows that gold and silver jewelry should be worn and handled with the utmost care. This is especially the case for the thinner, lighter pieces of fine jewelry, which are relatively more susceptible to warping than their heavier counterparts. Fine jewelry should be removed from the body prior to strenuous physical activity (such as construction work or contact sports) as they may latch onto foreign objects and tear. Fine jewelry articles should also be removed prior to showering as the harsh chemicals within shampoos and washes may tarnish or even damage the jewelry.

Sterling Silver
It is highly recommended that silver jewelry, when not in use, be stored inside an airtight bag or container. This protects the silver from chemically reacting with environmental factors (such as oxygen-rich air; acidic skin) that would otherwise cause the silver to tarnish and lose its natural, pearly-white luster.
Sterling silver pieces that have already tarnished can be restored to their original state swiftly via chemical cleaning solutions, such as the one we provide. A quick twenty-second bath in the cleaner will remove layers of tarnish and grime from the silver.


Alternative home-solutions for removing tarnish buildup are also available, albeit not as convenient. Less delicate silver pieces may be placed into a water solution of baking soda and aluminum foil and brought to a boil; the jewelry should improve in color within a few minutes. 


Avoid using gold jewelry in the pool because the chlorine can damage the gold alloy.